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Skip counting is an activity that helps children to learn their multiplication facts.   Here are some songs, rhymes, and games you can learn with your children to make skip counting more fun.  Then you can help them make up their own songs and rhymes.

WHISPER COUNTING:  Using the blocks build a rectangle with a width or over-distance equal to the number you wish to skip count.  (In the example below, we are skip counting threes.)  Then count the individual units in the rectangle, starting at the bottom left and working towards the top right.  Next count each unit again, emphasizing the number to be skip counted.  For example: one, two, THREE, four, five, SIX, etc. (Say every third number louder than the other numbers).  Gradually say the skip counted numbers louder and louder and the other numbers softer and softer until you can only hear the skip counted numbers.  Increase the speed of counting until the child finally counts entirely in a skip count mode.  It also helps to clap on the loud (skip counted) numbers.  The last step is to find the amount of the rectangle by just counting the "over" dimension of the rectangle and multiplying it by the "up" dimension.

                     3 times 5 = 15

STACKING THREES:  Tell the children to watch what you can do.  On the table or floor in front of you, begin stacking the pink three-bars one by one as you say this rhyme:

                      3, 6, 9, 12,  Put some more on the shelf;

                      15, 18, 21, 24,  Give me 27 more.


Ask the children, "Who can do that just like I did?"  Then let the children take turns stacking the three-bars, making sure that they say the rhyme (skip count) as they stack.  Then try stacking other size blocks, skip counting as you go.  Use the rhymes here or make up some of your own.  Note:  If you are working on a carpeted floor, it helps to first place a book, red hundred-square (smooth side up), or other smooth, flat object on the floor.



4, 8, 12, 16, 20I just found a brand new penny.

24, 28,  It was by the gate.            

32, 36,  Under some big sticks.         

40, 44,  Now I'm off to the store.



7, 14, 21,  Playing football sure is fun.

28, 35, 42,  I missed a pass -- oh, FOO!

49, 56, 63 Our team got a VICTORY!



Suggestion:  You and your child can act out this rhyme as you say it, using the child's name in the blank. Two children could also act it out together

8, 16, 24,  Someone's knocking at the door.

32, 40, 48,  ____________ wants to celebrate..

56, 64, 72,  Come on in and "How do ya do?"



4, 8, 12,  Here comes good ole Melve.

16, 20, 24,  Now he's knocking at the door.

28, 32, 36,  He brought some big sticks.

40, 44, 48,  Guess what -- He's built a gate!



5, 10, 15, 20,  Makes two tens, that's not plenty,

25, 30, 35, 40,  Four tens now, and 45 is shorty.


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